System Modulation
System Modulation
Low operation cost is key important these days since electric energy price is on the hike. Building Engineers / Managers want a cooling system that is energy efficient, expandable, reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly; modular chillers and VRF system will be your choice.
They are more efficient than the older huge centrifugal chillers especially at part-load conditions IPLV, which can mean significant savings given that most chillers operate 95 percent of the time or more under part-load conditions.
Air-source Modular Chillers / Heatpumps … Up to 16 Modules
Units of the same model or different models can be combined freely, each group can combine up to 16 modules.
Any single unit can operate as the master once connected with the wired controller. In a combination system, if one module failed, other modules can be back-up instead of the failed one for continuing operation.
VRF Variale Refrigerant Volume Air-conditioners… Up to 4 Modules
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