Air-conditioning technology has recorded more than a century and therefore Cooling / Heating any given indoor space is no longer a challenge. Oil, coal and gas accounted for about 85% of the world energy source and we know such supplies is not there forever.

Air-conditioners and ventilators consume about 40% energy of a building, the biggest among all other appliances and equipment for a typical commercial high rise building. Therefore the key issue in air-conditioning is all about energy efficiency.

FUJIAIR engineers strive with successful energy saving products to a new height for building managers as well as home owners to realise lowest electrical bill ever.

3-key approaches in power saving engineered by FUJIAIR; EER / COP / IPLV / SEER can be realised to new industrial standards.
Oil free magnetic bearing is one of the “contactless” moving parts employ in FUJIAIR Centrifugal chillers.

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) regulating compressor and motor power that commensurate with load demand, nothing to waste nothing under power.

System modulation by combination of smaller capacity units. Air-source modular chillers/heatpumps and VRF system can solve most demanding engineers requirement.

At FUJIAIR R&D, our Engineers are continuously working on the most energy efficient HVAC solution for a greener Earth. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) - Let’s support the mother Earth together!
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