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Industrial / Commercial Chillers Applications
FUJIAIR Modular Chiller is certified by CE, providing EER up to 3.1, single unit's capacity from 66kW to 260kW.
Intelligent air volume regulation
Intelligent energy regulation technology
Intelligent defrosting technology, Non-stop when defrosting
Air cooled screw chiller
Modular design
Stable and reliable operation
High-efficiency semi-hermetical twin-screw design compressor and High-efficiency heat exchanger.
Screw chiller uses electronic expansion valve, which ensures excellent performance both under full load or partial load and higher control accuracy.
Long-term simulation tests including tests for various variable working conditions, extreme working conditions, defrosting of heat pump and practical tertiary highway transportation etc to verify and optimize performance, reliability and structure of the chiller.
Low-noise operation
Convenient installation
Water cooled screw chiller
FUJIAIR water cooled screw chiller is a classic products that operates on a flooded type evaporator and high efficiency compressor. optimized system design and enhanced heat exchange efficiency mean the unit works best under both full load and partial load. Every chiller is fully factory tested and gas charged before shipment. It's an ideal choice for hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, cinemas and other civil architecture air conditioning system. Its uses also extend into the plastic industry, electroplating industry, food processing, chemical industry and other processing facilities that require large amounts of chilled water.
Centrifugal Chiller
R134A Refrigerant
Positive pressure, no ingestion of moisture and cantaminants
Semi-hermetic refrigerant-cooled motor eliminates shaft seal maintenance, alignment and vibration problems
Modern Gear Drive compressor, low inertia components for low bearing loads, fast acceleration and coast down
Air Handing Unit
FUJIAIR patent Cold-bridge Free design.
Multiple-seal to prevent air leakage.
Lower noise running, famous-brand fan is in use, the professional selection software make sure the optimum working point and outlet velocity to guarantee the smooth & low noise air flow in the duct.
Fan Coil Unit
Ceiling concealed FCU
High static FCU
Cassette FCU
Ceiling & Floor FCU
Wall mounted FCU
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